Eastern improvements wait for funding

Thanks to significant monetary contributions over the past 10 years, Eastern has been able to add two turf fields, upgrade the gym floor and renovate the fitness center.

The addition of the two turf fields about seven years ago has given Eastern one of the best turf fields among colleges in the Mid-Atlantic Conference.

According to Brad Fields, Eastern’s Athletic Director, “the creation of Olson Field as well as the Field Hockey Field approximately seven years ago [took us] from a single grass field that struggled with drainage issue to a top-notch playing surface. It assists other outdoor sports with practice options during the harsh winter months, gives student groups great options for activities, and is also a significant source of income for the University [through] rentals.”

Just this past year, Eastern remodeled the gym floor and the fitness center. The improvements to the fitness center were made possible by the contributions of a member of Eastern University’s Board of Trustee.

“Mr. George Torggler had connections with a fitness company that provides this type of equipment. Therefore, the desire to make this positive impact had existed for some time, [but] it could not have happened without the generous support of Mr. Torggler,” Fields said.

As far as future improvements are concerned, there have been many blueprints created. However, these plans are on hold due to a current lack of funding.

Regarding the possibility of future improvements, Fields said, “While we are examining options in some form or fashion on virtually all our facilities, the resulting sponsorship of these projects—either by private funds or by University priorities—will determine what facility improvement you would see next.”


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