Eastern Eagle Exclusive


In preparation for the big game with Cabrini, the Waltonian went to the top bird in the rivalry – the Eastern Eagle – to find out what goes on in that big feathery head. 



Who’s your idol?  Big Bird


What’s your favorite food?  Fried Chicken


Describe your ideal first date: 

Painting a self-portrait on the rock, then having chicken fingers at the Breezeway and finishing it off with a Mocha Java Blast. 


What’s your favorite dance? 

My version of the funky chicken, the groovy eagle.


What’s your ultimate goal in life? 

To become the first bird president.


What sport did you play growing up? I flew cross-country.


What’s your favorite car? 

I prefer flying, but if I have to drive, I like to roll in the Gator.


What’s your favorite song? Fly Eagles Fly!



What do you hate the most in life? Cabrini students


What’s your favorite outfit? I like to go all-natural.


What’s your favorite cheer? 

When the cheerleaders spell my name correctly – E-A-G-L-E-S.

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