Eagles prepare for new season, second chance at Super Bowl

Most Eagles’ fans couldn’t tell you the score of their team’s last meaningful game. Most Eagles’ fans probably never even watched the “highlights” of last year’s season-ending defeat in Super Bowl XXXIX.

But the passion for Philadelphia’s most beloved sports team is still there, as proven by the chilling roar of 68,532 crazy fans when their Eagles returned home to Lincoln Financial Field on August 26, for a pre-season game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

So starved for football were the fans of Philadelphia, so disgusted by the idiotic antics of star receiver Terrell Owens this past training camp and so ready to start chanting “Super Bowl” again, the crowd could only go crazy when the loudspeaker announced the names of the team’s starting lineup.

The key to winning it all this season for the Birds will be their ability to avoid any serious injuries, specifically at quarterback, running back and receiver where they are a bit thin.

You can count on Donovan McNabb to be Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook to wreak havoc all over the playing field, and Terrell Owens to be the best receiver in the NFL if he can take a lesson from Gandhi about humility.

Behind their star players on offense, the Eagles don’t have much assurance. Ryan Moats is an incredible resemblance of Westbrook coming out of college, and he might become a big part of the Eagles’ offense this season if Westbrook does get injured.

If Donovan McNabb gets injured, Koy Detmer or Mike McMahon would step in his place. Let’s try not to think about that.

Younger players, including Greg Lewis and Reggie Brown, will be called on to play significant roles at wide receiver.

Once again the defense will be dominating, with three Pro Bowl defensive backs, a strong and deep defensive line and a full year of “the axeman,” Jeremiah Trotter, at linebacker. Opposing offenses will find the endzone to be unreachable.

Last year’s trip to the Super Bowl came after three straight heartbreaking NFC Championship game losses. Hopefully, it won’t take them three more to finally get Philadelphia fans the Super Bowl they always wanted.

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