Eagle Hall: First Impressions

When the doors opened, heaven at college was revealed to this year’s Eagle Hall RAs. Patiently awaiting their turn to move-in, the RAs were finally given the green light on Aug. 21 and with the help of the other 47 RAs, moved in in less than three hours.

“The first time we walked through the rooms it was just amazing,” senior Shannon Rivera said.

“From what I had in my mind and could picture I was definitely blown away,” senior Kevin Bennett said. “It [Eagle Hall] is definitely unique in its color scheme.”

Adding a creative touch of paint to Eastern’s campus, many of the walls in Eagle Hall are colored purple, red and blue.

“The walls are beautifully colored and made a great addition to the dorm to liven it up, but don’t make it overly dramatic,” junior Krysta Kelly said.

Of all the features Eagle Hall has to offer, the RAs specifically noted its spaciousness. Some of the doubles have three closets while others share a common room. Some rooms have walk-in closets.

In addition to the stretching room each student has, there are also two classroom spaces in Eagle Hall.

With all the luxury that the new dorm contains, it’s the small things that make the biggest impression. “The water is hot. It’s amazing,” sophomore Jenn Leeper said.

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