Dorm Profile: North Campus Hall

North Campus Hall, better known as “NCH,” is an exciting place to reside. Aside from its location away from the other dorms, it contains some interesting aspects.

“NCH is a really fun place to dorm,” resident magician, first-year Joe Straight said. “There is always something exciting to join in on while passing through any of the lounges.”

While students in other dorms may be studying or perhaps watching a movie, the students of NCH have started a tradition of the guys attacking girls with super soaker water guns.

Another popular game to play in the lounge is DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). Students walking through the lounges often stop to play and to get their groove on.

NCH is not just a place for fun and games: students also focus on keeping in touch with their spiritual lives.

“My chaplain left it up to us how we wanted Grow Group to be, so we changed the time to a little earlier and we do a topical study,” first-year Heather Jones said. “It’s been really good so far. We’ve done studies on modesty and our identity in Christ.”

Recently, there was a dorm-wide worship service, complete with singing and Scripture reading. NCH is planning to hold the event once a month.

Besides the social aspects, NCH is also physically different from the other dorms. Not only does NCH have some of the biggest dorm rooms and more parking spaces than any other dorm on campus, it is also one of the dorms which has air conditioning.

The residents of NCH also have the luxury of having their mail boxes right in their building.

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