Dorm Profile: Is Gallup Centre really as easy as A, B, C … D?

Gallup may be four different buildings, but those four buildings have come to equal one home. Gallup, which consists of buildings A, B, C and D, is a separated residence hall environment. The first three buildings house girls, while Gallup D is home to the guys.

One might ask if this separation impacts the style of living in a positive or negative way.

“It doesn’t matter that we are all separated because we’re still close, and we have great community,” sophomore Nikita Bates said.

Bates lives in Gallup B, and speaks very highly of the separate buildings.

“Since I am an RA, I can go and build many wonderful relationships with the other residents,” Bates said.

The hall itself is located on the north side of campus, with Gough and Hainer Hall neighboring on one side. All four buildings all have a view of the baseball field.

Looking deeper than the structure of the hall, one can find many amenities inside the hall. Gallup has one central lounge, which is located in Gallup A. This lounge has a large TV and many couches for students to relax.

Adjacent to the lounge is a computer area with roughly ten working computers for students’ needs.

Inside each of the buildings, the rooms are set up suite-style. All the suites are equipped with heating and air conditioning.

“Since the suites have their own bathrooms, it’s like having your own apartment,” junior Gallup D resident Brandon Robinson said.

On each floor is one single room and a study lounge. For upperclassmen, there are also apartments on the lower levels of B, C and D.

There are also negative views about living in Gallup.

“It’s frustrating that we have to outside to do laundry, go to the lounge or get to another building, especially in the winter,” first year Gallup C resident Lizzie Miller said.

“The only bad part is having to go outside to get to the other buildings,” Bates said.

Gallup also does not have a vending machine within the building’s parameters, which forces students to walk to Hainer or Gough.

Aside from walking outside, Gallup receives praise for its uniqueness and style.

“I like to be to myself, and I like it to be quiet and have personal space, and Gallup allows me to do that,” Robinson said. “I like the cleanliness of Gallup, and the people are friendly.”

“I like the lounge. It can be a little mini sanctuary; you can concentrate in the back or watch TV up front. It’s not crowded and it always feels comfortable and homey,” Robinson said.

The overall community aspect of Gallup continues to impress residents.

“We have movie nights, Grow Group, Christmas parties, Kensington outreach programs and many more bonding activities planned for next semester,” Miller said.

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