Discovering the new Academic Advising Center

Thanks to this summer’s renovations in McInnis Learning Center, a new office was added to aid students. The Academic Advising Center is located on the second floor of McInnis in room 210 and is a place for students to come for guidance. They most readily handle students with time-sensitive academic questions who are unable to locate their advisor. The information brochure for the center states: “The AAC is much like an urgent care center for emergency health needs.” It can also be utilized if a student’s advisor does not have a particular area of expertise needed. The center has staff who are available and able to aid students with several areas.

When first arriving in the center, a student can expect to talk with a staff member to both diagnose a problem, whether with scheduling or advising, and then also develop a plan to solve it. The center’s staff hope to help students navigate the academic system here at Eastern. They also address issues of University procedure and policy. Staff members will often consider relevant academic policies when addressing a problem with a student. They hope to build a personal network for students to utilize during their time here.

Director of Advising, Julie Elliot says she has been dreaming of this center for years. She teamed up with Dean Beth Doriani to fulfill this opportunity in the renovated McInnis. She states: “The Advising Center’s aim is to be a resource for students and faculty who are facing difficult and/or time-sensitive advising challenges.” She and Dean Doriani hope that the center will fill the gap.

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