Dating Glossary: Where do you find yourself this Valentine’s Day?

To be “dating” (v.)- the secondary phase when the two people who are romantically interested in each other both agree to elevate their casual interest to a more formal interest; when the two permit their feelings for one another to be put out in the open for them to accept as well as for others to see and accept.

To be “going out” (v.)- the phase in a romantic relationship between two individuals which establishes them as a couple; also referred to as an “item,” “together,” or “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Just a friend” (n.)- a member of the opposite sex who for some reason or another is unappealing enough to their counterpart of the opposite gender where escalating their relationship to a romantic one is impossible. Often times referred to as the “friend zone.”

PDA (n.)- also referring to “public displays of affection.” You are exhibiting signs of PDA if you and your significant other are constantly kissing, touching, lovingly gawking and simply going overboard on how you show affection to one another when you are in public and everyone can see you. So stop it already!

“Player” (n.)- being non-committal to others of romantic or physical attraction by participating in some acts of a relationship but abstaining from the activities that make a relationship a healthy one; may be caused by the individual being involved romantically or physically with more than one other individual while at the same time making each opposing individual think that they are the “apple of the player’s eye.” Males are usually typically deemed “players” while females receive the label “slut.”

“Playing the field” (v.)- to date or physically involve oneself in a romantic manner with another individual while also doing so with many other individuals without the consent or awareness of each “manipulated” individual.

To be “talking” (v.)- the initial phase in a potential romantic relationship when the two individuals are first starting to get to know each other but without any promise of becoming romantically involved, rather with the intent of discretely showing interest in one another.

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