Darryl Mackey

I’m Darryl Mackey, the Web Editor for The Waltonian, and I was the Interim Sports Editor for a short time before we found a replacement. I’m a senior Communication Studies major in Digital and Emerging Media with a minor in Marketing. During my time here at Eastern, I didn’t do much outside, having fun with my friends and focusing on classwork. Although, I will say my favorite year here has to be my senior year, due to my time with The Waltonian and my internship for the Athletics Department.

During my senior year, I accomplished a lot and tried new things. While being asked to join The Waltonian multiple times years prior, I decided to join the team. My experience with The Waltonian has been enjoyable, and I have met many brilliant people that I wish nothing but the best for them. While being the Web Editor throughout the year, I wanted to make everyone’s job easier while handling online submissions, social media updates, and even changing the old boring website design to be more modern. When editors struggled, I tried to help them the best way I could to make things easier for all. While I’ve only been with The Waltonian for a year, I wish I had been with them years before.

While lacking time or motivation to write what I cared about, I steered away from sports blogging. However, with The Waltonian, I wrote stories for Marin Dremock and Cole Patti, which made me gain back what I believed I lost. I thank The Waltonian, its members, and Dr. Jung for believing in me to be the web and sports editor and write stories for the other sections. 

I plan to continue writing sports articles after graduation for the Eastern University Athletics Communication Department. I am the intern for Dan Mouw and worked alongside him and Sean Douglas. In addition, I am the sports photographer and volleyball stat keeper for Eastern, and I’m truly blessed by making their jobs easier. I’ve learned so much from them, and I plan to continue working with them after graduation. I’m grateful to both The Waltonian and the Athletic Department for making my senior year and college experience something to remember.

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