Cole Patti

My plan after graduation is to get a part time job while I begin to study for two tests that will allow me to manage a client’s assets and be a financial planner. I have a trade broker company that is sponsoring me to take the tests and work under a financial planner, who will mentor me for about a year until I am able to do it on my own. My goal is to eventually start a business that is related to my major, which is Communications Digital/Emerging Media. 

My time at Eastern has been a blessing and I am pleased with what I have learned and accomplished in my time here. Academically, I have really enjoyed being a part of the Templeton Honors College at Eastern. Taking some of the courses through Templeton really helped me to grow as a person and solidify what I believe. I also spent a year on the council for THC and was able to help plan events and other activities for it.

Another thing that I have enjoyed at Eastern is being in SGA. As a sophomore I was the treasurer for the class and I enjoyed being a voice for the community at Eastern. My Junior and Senior year I served as the class president. Throughout my time in SGA, I have been able to work with a wonderful group of people in my Senate and put on a number of events for our class. 

Since my Sophomore year I have been an RA on campus in Gough, KG and Sparrowk. Being an RA has really helped me to grow as an individual and I have learned so many important things such as setting boundaries and time management. 

For a year at Eastern I was also the President of Bridges Club. Bridges was important to me because the club was for International students here at Eastern and I have always had a heart to make them feel welcome and that they belong. We met once a week and had different events to share everyone’s culture through music, food, games, dancing, etc. 

I was also on the men’s tennis team here at Eastern. I started as a Freshman playing number three singles and I moved up to first singles Sophomore year before covid interrupted our season. My Junior year I was not able to play because of injury. This year I was able to return and have been playing second singles. 

This past semester I became the editor for the sports section of the Waltonian and I have had a lot of fun with it. Growing my skills as a writer and learning to better communicate with people on deadlines and other issues has helped prepare me for a job. 

My time at Eastern has been great and I am pleased with what I have been able to accomplish. Above everything, I am happy to have met so many great people and made many friendships that will hopefully continue beyond graduation.

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