Crosswalk to Cabrini opens

A crosswalk now passes over Eagle Road to connect Eastern’s campus to its neighbor, Cabrini College. Betty Ann Brigham, vice president of student development, sent an e-mail to the student body that read, “There are a variety of reasons for the crosswalk. The most important is to provide safe passage for our community members and campus guests as they cross from one campus to the other for classes and other activities.”

It extends from the parking lot of Kea Hall directly across the street to a set of steps which lead up a slope to Cabrini.

Charles Schaffner, head of security at Cabrini College, said that the initial request for that site was simply a streetlight to increase the safety of the crossing. However, installing a streetlight did not meet with PennDot requirements, so the plan was changed to the crosswalk lines and pedestrian sign.

Accompanying the lines and sign are three new warning lights, one on Eastern’s side and two that lead up the slope on the adjacent side of Eagle Road.

Schaffner said that an emergency phone will be put in on the Cabrini path as soon as the weather allows.

Meghan Capers, head of conferences and special events at Eastern, said that this walkway provides safety and convenience primarily for summertime guests, rather than just students.

According to Capers, Eastern hosts a number of conferences and summer camps.

Many times, there is not enough room to house everyone involved and many of the participants end up staying in Cabrini residence halls due to its close proximity.

The idea of a crosswalk is not a new one. It has been discussed ever since students have been traveling to take classes at the neighboring school, and as the need for it grew, so did the discussion that led to its arrival, Capers said.

According to the registrar’s office, there are approximately five to seven students from each school traveling across the street to attend regular classes.

The cost of the crosswalk was split evenly between Eastern and Cabrini

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