Crisis in Philly sports

Ugly is an understatement when trying to describe the way the Philadelphia 76ers season has been going.

In a season focused on injuries and drama, the Sixers stand with the second-worst record in the Eastern Conference.

Forward Thaddeus Young, who averages nearly 14 points and six rebounds per game, is out with an injured thumb.

Forward Marreese Speights, who averages eight points and four rebounds a game, has a hurt knee.

Lou Williams, a huge offensive weapon, who averages about 15 points and four assists per game, has been out with a back injury but is scheduled to begin playing again soon.

One person who formerly served as “the Answer” for the Sixers, instead became just another problem for the team this season.

Allen Iverson reportedly left the team to be with his seriously ill daughter and to rehabilitate a bum knee that needed frequent draining.

But these weren’t the only problems Iverson was facing. Drinking and gambling issues piled on top of Iverson’s stress of finalizing a divorce, and the once-valued player no longer served as an asset.

“The fact is this: Iverson is at the end of his career because of the way he played the game–hard, fast, and reckless, but with exciting abandonment,” Iverson’s former agent David Falk said. “Besides Michael Jordan, no one has electrified the game the way he did.”

From Iverson’s minor brushes with the law to his kissing the floor, he has always been one to excite the crowd and provide fans with memorable games.

With Iverson gone and a head coach who seems to want to leave soon as well, the Sixers need prayer as they head into the last few weeks of the season.

If the team doesn’t do better, its only hope is that it will be lucky enough to receive the number-one pick in the NBA draft this summer.

Right now, the only quick solution to the problem is this: Find another “Answer” to electrify basketball in the city of Philadelphia.


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