Club Tables at the Fall Carnival

Every year, Eastern’s clubs get together on the hill behind Olson Field to put up tables to sell various items or recruit for their club, and this year is no different. Here is a smattering of clubs who have told us what they’re doing for Homecoming:

ETHEL’S Swing Club: This year, Eastern’s very own swing club will be hosting a baked potato bar. They will also have a “dips for tips” jar, where students can donate money to see some of the swingers from ETHEL’S perform tricks.

Earthkeepers: Selling t-shirts is a certainty for Earthkeepers this year, and they will also be selling ducks (not real ones, of course) for the duck race in the creek.

EU Prison Ministry: The Prison Ministry will also be selling t-shirts, along with other items. They will also be returning the popular “Hire a stalker,” where students can pay a certain amount to have another student “stalk” one of their enemies – or friends, whichever they prefer.

Habitat for Humanity: As far as Habitat for Humanity is concerned, why mess with a good thing? They are once again teaming up with IJM to build the Habitat for Humanity Jail. According to senior Jason Strickhouser, president of Habitat, “people come to our booth and pay money for us to put one of their friends in Jail. The person in jail then needs to beg people walking by for double the amount of money they were put in for.” Habitat and IJM will also be selling “get out of jail free cards” to offer protection.

SIFE: SIFE, on the other hand, is doing something completely different. Instead of their usual Philly Cheesesteaks, they are partnering with Chik-fil-A and selling chicken sandwiches. According to Lisa Gocht, a member of SIFE, they are doing this “to raise money to support many different projects, including the Blankenburg Elementary School and a mission trip to El Salvador.” SIFE will also be raffling off prizes including 25$ gift cards.

WEUR: The new radio station will be doing some recruiting at Homecoming, along with selling t-shirts and showing off their model antenna to get people interested (see article on page 3 for more information about WEUR).

B.S.L.: The Black Student League will be selling funnel cake, raffle gift baskets, hot dogs and water this year at Homecoming.

Powderpuff football: Bringing back their bouncy bounce, Powderpuff football will also be selling t-shirts for $5.

The Waltonian: Oh yes, we’re going to be there too. Like we’ve done every year, there will be the latest issues of the paper, free for the taking, as well as our web site on display. We will also be selling maroon and white M&Ms in little baggies for $.25 each. But we are pleased to announce the completion of… drumroll please… Waltonian rugby scarves! These 6’5 long scarves are striped with maroon and black and embroidered with the Eastern shield and the Waltonian logo. For Homecoming only, they will be sold to current Eastern students with IDs for $10, and $15 for alumni, parents and faculty. Regular price is $12.

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