Challenges and rewards face mid-year transfers

College students know adjusting to college life is both difficult and exciting. The students who transferred to Eastern at the beginning of the spring semester are experiencing the challenges and the rewards of doing it twice.

“I feel like a freshman in a sophomore body,” said sophomore Casey Bradstreet, who transferred from Waynesburg College in Pennsylvania. “I’m learning everything brand new like a freshman would,” she said.

Bradstreet decided to transfer because she wanted to pursue social work, a major not offered at Waynesburg.

“Everything I typed in [to a college search engine], Eastern had it,” she said.

Sophomore Dorothy Stowe said she transferred in order to sudy Bible after becoming a Christian at the beginning of the summer, and chose Eastern because of its commitment to justice.

First-year Annalyn Frame, who transferred from Marymount Manhatten College in New York, had connections to Eastern. Her father Randy Frame used to work in the communication department, and Chris Hall is her godfather, she said.

She also chose Eastern because of its academics and atmosphere.”It’s a friendly environment,” she said. “There were a lot of activities on campus and a lot of free resources.”

Each student had a different reason for transferring in the middle of the year.

First-year Daniel Graham, from William Patterson College in New Jersey, said it was time to transfer after finding out what he wanted to do in life.”I wanted to get away from home and experience dorm life,” he said.

For Bradstreet, transferring in the spring was the prudent thing to do, since she could not take any classes at Waynesburg in the spring that would transfer to Eastern.

“I realized it wouldn’t be good stewardship to stay,” she said.

Transferring has held challenges for the students, like being away from friends they had at other colleges.

“There were 3 people I would want to stay at school for. Three very close friends I miss a lot,” Bradstreet said.

Graham agreed.

“I have a lot of friends at home. I was real close with them, so it’s rough,” he said.

Despite this challenge, the students are enjoying Eastern.

“The best part is integrating my faith into all aspects of my life,” Stowe said.

For Frame, the best part is the academic life.

“I feel the teachers I have are very helpful,” she said.

Bradstreet is glad she came because she knows she’s where God wants her.

“I really feel there’s something He has for me here,” she said. “I know there’s a goal out there, and that it’s going to be good.”

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