Bleeding us dry

For those of you who have not lost your Ecards more than twice, this information might come as something of a shock.

As for the rest of you—in fact for the majority of the student body—you know all too well the pains of paying ridiculous sums for replacement Ecards.

The cost of replacement Ecards increases in increments of $10 every time you lose your card.

The cost peaks at $30 for each replacement, but, for any college student, that is a hefty sum for a flimsy piece of plastic.

Now, I am not entirely against paying $10 for a replacement card. After all, it costs the school this much to make them.

But to charge us an additional $10 for misplacing it again is absurd.

We’re college students who have a lot of things to keep track of, and sometimes something as small as an Ecard gets lost in the mix.

I have lost my Ecard six times, and I have had to pay for all of my replacements. You do the math.

The school’s policy on Ecards says that if you lose your wallet and your Ecard is in it, they’ll make you a new one for free as long as you report the loss to security or the police.

But if you simply lose your Ecard (a much smaller item than a wallet or purse), well, you’re stuck. You have to pay. Something seems wrong here.

Students should not have to pay these prices for replacement Ecards. They’re small, easy to lose and cheap to make.

Charge us the amount it costs to make a new Ecard and we’ll call it even. There’s no need to bleed us dry.


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