Better Part Ministries seeks to energize worship through music, visual arts

Friday nights at Eastern University are traditionally a time to hang out and unwind from a long week. Better Part Ministries hopes to provide a good opportunity for worshipping God on Friday nights as well.

“The goal is encountering Him; we want God encounters tonight,” Teresa Noye, one of Better Part’s founders, said as she introduced worship at the September 30 event.

Better Part Ministries draws its inspiration from Psalm 24:6 and aims to energize college students in their worship of God through both music and visual arts, according to recent alumna Brianna Dunkleberger.

The ministry features two main elements – a worship band with keyboard, saxophone, bass and drums in which Noye and Dunkleberger sing, and an art worship portion, which allows students to worship God with paint, markers and crayons.

Sophomore art major Michael Skinner, head of Better Part’s art worship this year, was especially enthusiastic about this aspect.

“That’s always been a dream of mine – having some way of worshipping the Lord through art,” he said.

Better Part worship events have been held one Friday a month in Gough Great Room since the group’s founding three years ago.

Dunkleberger said that its different worship styles give the ministry interracial and inter-denominational appeal, a claim that was reflected in Friday’s attendance.

Meanwhile, the group continues to draw faithful followers. Alumna Frenika Mudd returned to Eastern’s campus for the event.

“Come out and meet God; it’s an awesome way to spend your Friday nights,” she said.

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