Best Valentine’s Day movies

Valentine’s Day is typically the most anticipated day in February. Chances are that (1) you detest the day and the mushy things that go with it, or (2) you are a hopeless romantic and find yourself looking forward to it every other day of the year. The fact still remains that, on February 14th, you very well may be in the mood for a little sappy romance, complete with tears and a box of chocolate. Here’s a guide to the top five romantic picks for your Valentine’s Day.

5.) How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days

A journalist agrees to begin a relationship with a handsome young man she met at a local bar, only to sabotage it in ten days for a magazine article. While she thinks this will be an easy task, there is a slight twist: He needs to keep her around for ten days in order to win a high-stakes bet for his career. In the midst of the scheming and confusion, the two find they have a bigger problem: Do they pursue what may be true love or save their careers?

4.) Sleepless in Seattle

When a widowed man leaves Chicago with his son and relocates to rainy Seattle, he spends many nights awake, missing his wife. After his son convinces him to pour out his love story on a late-night radio show, a reporter hears it and becomes infatuated with his story, and eventually with the man himself. When she reaches out to him, proposing that they meet on Valentine’s Day at the top of the Empire State Building, the man must choose whether to take a leap of faith or to remain grounded but alone.

3.) 50 First Dates

A Hawaiian native meets a young lady and, after spending a day with her, decides he is interested in a serious relationship. However, when he sees her the next day, he discovers that this girl has an odd secret: She suffers from short-term memory loss. He is determined to win her over, day after day, but will he succeed every time?

2.) Titanic

Aboard the RMS Titanic, a young socialite feels trapped by her rich parents and snobbish fiancé. She decides that cannot go on any longer. A young and penniless American finds her just as she is about to jump overboard and rescues her. This odd introduction leads to an unlikely friendship which blossoms into an even more rare romance. It is a story of forbidden love, passionate and dangerous in its own right. But then the ship hits an iceberg and begins a slow plunge into the icy waters.

1.) The Notebook

When a young lumberyard worker falls head-over-heels for an upper-class lady, he finds himself worrying about their future. His fears are justified, for her parents force her to leave town without so much as a goodbye. For years they hear nothing from each other, but then they meet again and their love seems more potent than ever. Will circumstances rip them apart yet again? Or will they finally find their happily-ever-after?

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