Behind the scenes with Brandon Hodnett

There are a lot of people who work behind the scenes to run a successful athletic event. At Eastern, Brandon Hodnett is a vital part of that process.

Currently seeking a master’s in communications with an emphasis in journalism and public relations at Villanova, Hodnett is a jack of all trades.

For starters, Hodnett works alongside Dan Mouw as assistant sports information director and director of web broadcasting. What this means is that, on a typical game day, he is in charge of directing the staff and setting up the video equipment prior to game time. Then he communicates with student workers and directs the games while giving play-by-play to those watching on the internet.

Once the game is over, Hodnett focuses on his sports information skills by talking to coaches, writing up stories and posting articles on the sports website. After a story is updated online, Hodnett sends it to local media outlets as well.

On top of all that, Hodnett is in charge of schedules for intramurals and making sure everything is running smoothly.

“I love the opportunity I’ve gotten from Eastern,” Hodnett said.

At a division I school, he explained, there are certain people for every sport, so the amount of experience anyone can get is limited. A lower-division school like Eastern allows students to take on a diverse range of activities.

“At Eastern I am able to continue to write and learn on the fly. I have had a lot of great work experience that will prepare me for the future,” Hodnett said.

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