Baseball Player Profile: Andrew Reynolds

After spending four years at Eastern as a student and baseball player, senior Andrew Reynolds plans to graduate this year with a degree in marketing.

Reynolds, who attended Central High School in Philadelphia, started playing baseball at the age of seven. The first organized team he became a member of was his high school squad.

“I now play as an infielder and pitcher,” Reynolds said.

According to Head Coach Matt Midkiff, not only does Reynolds play multiple positions in the infield, but he is also one of their best pitchers.

“He plays hard every day and never complains about being tired or hurt,” Midkiff said in an e-mail. Not only did Midkiff think that he played well, but Reynolds was also well known for his personality.

“Andrew is a better person than he is a baseball player and he is a very good baseball player,” Midkiff said. “He is also among the best-dressed people on Eastern’s campus.”

Reynolds has also earned respect from his teammates. “He brings leadership by example and he is always found doing the right stuff on the field,” junior catcher Ramon Reyes said.

Reynolds believes that baseball has been more than just a hobby for him. “I used to struggle with temper management but baseball has taught me how to remain calm and persevere,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds holds a very positive attitude about all the games in which he has participated. When he talked about the latest game, played against Alvernia, he said, “though we had a limited pitching staff, we still competed and that is something I am proud of. Even though we lost, it was one of our best performances as a team.”

While on campus, Reynolds finds it hard to find free time because of his classes and two hours of daily practice.

“I used to do orchestra when in high school, but discontinued it now since I don’t have enough time,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds also works at Teresa’s Café in Wayne to help with his tuition.

“I am planning to get a job in advertising or promotion,” Reynolds said, but admitted baseball will remain a part of his life. “I want to keep baseball for my leisure time,” he said.

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