Bands rock in Dining Commons

Wrapping up Eastern’s annual Faith Forum week, bands Calling Out Closer and Reilly worshipped with over 100 students and fans in the Dining Commons at the Make Some Noise concert on Feb. 23.

While the Dining Commons is a fine place to host coffeehouses and different contests, the small area could not adequately hold the sounds of a full band, making it difficult to hear the lyrics above the pulsating rhythms.

In addition, the lead guitarist and vocalist from both bands broke strings on their guitar due to a mixture of temperatures in the room. Nevertheless, the bands gave great performances, reminding the crowd that the real focus was not on them but on worshipping God.

Calling Out Closer, who recently changed their name from Stereos, opened the session with lead guitarist and vocalist Bryn Graybill using a violin bow to play his electric guitar throughout the introduction of the first song. Eastern junior Ben Smither, who leads worship at chapel every other week, and the band also played at the Make Some Noise concert last year. Smither splits the vocals with Graybill while pounding away on his keyboard. Graybill’s older brother Ryan rocked out on the drums with his energetic play and amusing facial expressions.

Stepping in after Calling Out Closer, Reilly, formerly known as the John Reilly Band, quickly had the crowd on their feet and dancing to their catchy, upbeat sound. With their unique violin tandemn of husband and wife, Dan and Noelle Parris Huie, Reilly has been making a name for themselves within the Christian music ranks. They have previously opened for the Newsboys and Starfield and played at the 2006 Creation Festival.

Both bands have big upcoming concerts that are not too far from Eastern’s campus. On March 1st, Reilly, along with sophomore Claire DiLullo’s band, will perform at Church of the Savior at 7:30 p.m. for their Concert for the Congo.

Calling Out Closer is coming out with a new album, Stars and Broken Hearts, at their album release show on March 28th at 7 p.m. at Glad Tidings Aog in Reading, Pa.

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