An evening with Theresa Noye

Music is more than just beautiful lyrics and an aesthetically pleasing chord progression. Theresa Noye recognizes that Music is a part of worship-something inspired deep within our souls that we were divinely created to do. With that in mind, she invites us to An Evening with Theresa Noye, a concert taking place at 8pm on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at Burlap & Bean Coffee.

The underlying theme in all of Noye’s music is God’s love for us. she hopes that people will know and understand this love more through her music: “Once we are secure and confident in God’s love, we approach things differently.”

Noye recognizes that “life is hard, but oftentimes these difficulties are the catalysts that draw us deeper into the heart of God.” This concert will hold a special meaning for the Noye family.

April is Autism Awareness Month. Noye will use this time to not only perform music from her album “You Saw Me,” but also share the songs and stories of her family’s journey with autism. Her son, Regal, has inspired hope not merely in her own heart, but in the lives of many through his victories over autism.

“I want people to know there is an upside to autism. People hear about it and immediately react with sympathy. Yes, there are challenges and limitations-but there are so many things associated with it that stretch a person. There are lessons learned and opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise,” Noye said.

Tickets to the show are available Saturday for $12 at the door or may be purchased for $10 online through Burlap & Bean’s website.

For more information on Noye’s music, visit The story of Regal’s transformative journey can be followed on

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