Alumnus speaks

“I must have loved Eastern, because I dream about it all the time.” At the alumni banquet during the Homecoming festivities at Eastern, Mary Cantell commented on how beloved her time at Eastern was, explaining that in her dreams she continually graduates from the school and earns the dean’s list in every dream.

Cantell graduated from eastern in 1978. During her time at the university, she spent her time involved in many different activities, and ultimately her time at college continues to impact her life.

At Eastern, Mary was involved in cheerleading, softball and the school paper. She spent a lot of her time with the drama program, where she met her future husband.

By the time Cantell was finished with her college education, she had graduated with and English degree and was ready to “become the next Barbara Walters,” as she explained.

After a few setbacks that included radio stations not interested in another Barbara Walters, she found herself where she is today: working as broadcast journalist for NPR, reporting on morning traffic situations.

Cantell explained that she still greatly values the education that she received at Eastern, stating that it helped to mold and shape her future, and Eastern made her feel like a valued individual.

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