Alumnus hosts open poetry night, publishes anthology

To promote his new, self-published poetry anthology, 2005 Eastern alumnus Brian Baker organized an open poetry night at the Jammin’ Java.

On November 15, people came in and out of the coffeeshop, grabbing a hot cup of coffee and sitting down to enjoy the various poetry selections that were read.

Baker read several selections from his new book, entitled feigning my parade, but his readings were interspersed with various audience members coming up and reading selections of their own.

Some read works by well-known poets like George Miles, Rudyard Kipling and C.S. Lewis.

Baker also read some quotes from famous personalities, such as this one by G.K. Chesterton: “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”

Brian Baker graduated in May with a degree in mathematics, and he is currently working at Affiliated Distributing and tutoring Huntington students in math.

Baker has been writing poetry since junior high. His first poem ever was inspired by Smashing Pumpkins song “Thirty-Three.”

Baker said that his love of poetry and math are connected: “Poetry is playing with words while math is with numbers.”

feigning my parade is a collection of many of the poems Baker has written to date. He decided to publish the book because “there’s something about an anthology of poetry that has a strong feel to it, like a glimpse into the dregs of the poet’s soul.”

You Give My Mind Peacefrom feigning my parade by Brian Baker

An immense net is this conglomerationof nameless notions and unfinished thoughtstying me fast with knots, until the thought of youI forge my own doom, tormented by pursuits of truth,fighting tooth and nail, flailing, until I submitto have this net re-knit into garments of peace:soft as sheep’s fleece, soft as your smile.I cease all denial that life can be simple.For children have dimples, and my chin has soft stubble.Though I falter and fumble, though life can be hard,God’s grace in your heart pushes all pain away,each day that you share, each day spent with me.I feel this freedom in my muscles and bonesbecause of this love you’ve shown.You give my mind peace.

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