Additions planned for Workman

“Everything you do is a work of art,” said Ron Matthews, head of the music department.

The music department began in 1992 with zero students majoring and was located in McInnis. It has since grown to 80 majors and has moved to Workman Hall, according to Matthews.

With the music department expanding its current rate, the first step in planning an addition to its building has begun.

The process began with developing a list of needs that would benefit not only music majors but many visual arts students as well.

This list includes, but is not limited to, 20 practice rooms, a recital and rehearsal room which seats 150 with a portable stage, four studios, electronic audio recording, video, a visual arts studio and a dark room.

Other possible additions are a pipe organ, a grand piano and a tiered choral rehearsal room or dance performance hall.

After meeting with an architect, there are still decisions to be made about structure, furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

Another consideration is how successful endowments will be in the coming years.

There is still much to be discussed, and it may take a few years before any final decisions have been reached.

Matthews is optimistic. His main reason for expanding Workman is not just to get more practice rooms, but to give students a chance to express themselves through the arts.

“It’s how we celebrate, how we mourn, and it’s how we experience each other,” he said.

He believes that expanding Workman is a big step in showing what Eastern has to offer.

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