Abelian Group provides math help

Need to raise that algebra grade? Need some help with that calculus problem that you cannot seem to figure out? Or do you just need someone to help you with math? The Abelian Group has answers to all these problems and more.

Comprised of three members, the Abelian Group joins the long list of helpful tutors on Eastern’s campus. This particular group specializes in helping students with their math homework.

Seniors Zachary Campbell, Chris Micklewright and Sean Kramer make up the team, pledging their time to try to help students as best they can.

Campbell and Micklewright are both math majors, and Kramer is majoring in math education and plans to become a math teacher.

The name Abelian derives from a mathematical term referring to a group of numbers and objects. The term was also mentioned by St. Augustine as being a small sect in Africa where people married in the same manner as Abel.

“We help out and do problem sessions,” Campbell, who enjoys helping students, said.

The Abelian Group is a great place for students to study and ask questions, and the tutors are more than willing to provide their assistance.

“It’s a way to offer help to students and a way to encourage them to spend time on their math,” Campbell said.

On average, the group is usually visited by five or six students each night, but the numbers generally increase on the eve of big tests.

Every level of math is welcome, and the subjects studied span from abstract algebra to calculus and mathematical ideas.

“People come to see me afterwards and tell me how they do the tests,” Campbell said, and added that a lot of the same faces come back again.

Campbell also stated that supervisor Walt Huddell has only heard good comments about the group and more so now than in past years.

Students are taking opportunities to receive extra help, and it has been paying off.

The Abelian Group meets on Sundays 6-9, Wednesdays 7-10 and Thursdays 6-9 in the Gough Seminar Room.

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