A paper for the students, by the students

 Contrary to recent rumors and discussions, The Waltonian is not, in any way, censored by the administration.

No one tells our staff what we can or cannot do in terms of story topics and no one, other than student editors, sees the actual files for the pages before I send them to our printer.

We are a student-produced, student-run newspaper, no strings attached–which may explain the occasional typo.

Obviously, we have some rules set in place since we are a member of the Associated Collegiate Press.

What might those standards include? Basically the same standards any news-worthy publication lives by.

First and foremost, we are dedicated to credibility and finding the truth in every story.
If I get a story from another staff member that seems incorrect or even fabricated, we’ll typically hold the story until the real facts can be found.

I’m not saying we’re perfect, but we do make a conscious effort to only print articles that are fact-based and credible.

In addition, the photos, comics and graphics we use are either created by our staff or used with permission through database licenses. We cannot just “google” an image and then plop it in our paper. If we would, we’d get hit with a hefty fine or could possibly be sued.

But, we are not censored.

A lot of our readers tend to get worked up over the stories found on these opinions pages.
We want to get our readers involved and find out what they think about certain issues or events that are going on at Eastern and in the world.

That said, these articles represent the opinion of the writer and the writer alone–not the editor, not the staff’, not the advisor and definitely not the administration. These musings come from the minds’ of your fellow Eastern students and, occasionally, professors.

We do not pick and choose submitted articles depending on whether they line up with our personal views either, so feel free to get your thoughts out there. If it’s well-written, based on facts and makes sense, we’ll print it.

We want your submissions and input, because you, the students (not the administration) are the reason we make this paper.

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