2006 Philadelphia Eagles On the Rise

They made the NFC Championship game four years in a row, but when 2005 came, the Philadelphia Eagles fell off the map.

The NFL radar didn’t even pick up the Eagles in the race for its last remaining playoffs spots come the end of the season.

To make matters worse for Eagles fans, the Steelers from the other side of the state brought home the Super Bowl for their fifth time.

Why should fans believe that the Eagles have any shot at being a contender this season after a horrendous 2005 season?

Have faith; the Eagles will contend this season, if not return to their previous position as the king of the NFC East hill.

Many of the nation’s writers and personalities have given the Eagles poor odds of winning anything this year. Many experts are doubtful that the Eagles can get to where they once were without the likes of Terrell Owens.

To all those people, a short history lesson would show that the Eagles made it to the NFC Championship three years in a row prior to the acquisition of Owens, and in 2004, the Eagles lost the only postseason game that Owens played in, Super Bowl XXXIX.

Prior to his return from injury, the Eagles had won both of their playoff games without him.

That’s not to argue that Reggie Brown and rookie free agent receiver Hank Baskett have anywhere near the talent that Owens brought to the field. The point is the Eagles have proven they can win without him.

The NFC East is much improved this season and fans surely will not see the Eagles steamrolling any of their division rivals as in years gone by.

Rather than spend money and draft picks on positions such as wide receiver, head coach Andy Reid has chosen to bulk up on offensive and defensive lines which now look like they could possibly be the best in the NFC.

Unless, God forbid, Donovan McNabb or Brian Westbrook go down with injuries, the Eagles will have good chances again this season.

I would predict a Super Bowl, but then again, I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Last year aside, when everything went wrong and even fumbles seemed to be bouncing into the opponents’ arms, there is no reason why the Eagles cannot be one of the NFL’s better teams once again. Just look at their track record.

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