10 things to do when your date is sick

It’s happened to the best of us, guys. You planned this date on Monday, looked forward to it all week, and then your phone rings on Friday. “I’m sick,” she says. And you’re stuck. Being that she actually is sick, and that you weren’t just shafted, you can’t take your significant other out. She would just spend the entire night sneezing and coughing around every person in the Italian restaurant, playing the nostril percussion to the soft violin in the background. In short, your night is ruined. Or is it? Here’s a top 10 list of things to do when your date is authentically sick.

See if your sick date needs anything: Make her some soup or some hot tea. Maybe make her favorite meal and bring it to her. One, you’ll get to see if she’s really sick. Two, you’ll score major points. Plus, you could get sick yourself. While this may seem like a bad thing, she could be taking care of you in a week.

Go to that movie you’ve been dying to see: Women do like more than just chick flicks, but sometimes it’s hard to sit down, watch and truly enjoy Rocky taking ten rounds with Apollo Creed when you’re not alone. Take a couple hours for yourself. Watch Bruce Willis save the day-yet again.

Spend hours playing Halo 3, Madden 2008 or Guitar Hero 2: Here’s your chance to vegetate your mind in front of your TV for the next six hours. Between work, school and your date, this opportunity might not have been an option until now. Besides, if you’re a youth ministry major, you could use this time to play and prepare a lesson for youth group.

Read that book for class that you’ve been putting off: Your professors will be proud of you. Isn’t that reason enough?

Take a random road trip with the boys: Go get a cheesesteak at Pat’s or a big midnight breakfast at Tom Jones.

Write a paper in advance: Why not utilize this time? You could not only get a better grade by doing your work ahead of time, but you would free up time to spend with your date when she’s not sick.

Take a hot bath with candles and aromatherapy: This is not just for females. Try it. It soothes, I mean, I hear it soothes the mind and body.

Watch half a season of your favorite TV show: You have hours of free time. Use it to watch Jack Bauer save the day from terrorism or Hugo “Hurley” find his way off the island. Your favorite TV heroes need your support, so just sit back and push play.

Catch your favorite sporting event: This is that time of year where there seems to be a sports game on all the time. Grab some nacho chips, some cheese and your favorite drink and kick back. Go Birds!

Read your Bible: Sorry that it sounds cliché, but let’s be serious. When was the last time you had a significant amount of free time to spend with God? Though theology professors might hate this, why not salvage your date night by going on a spiritual date with God?

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