04-05 yearbooks finished for and distributed at Homecoming

Yearbooks from 2004-2005 were distributed this past weekend at Homecoming. According to sophomore Mandie Elliott, the editor-in chief, yearbooks are always finished after the academic year ends in order to feature the graduation ceremony.

“[Alumni] are supposed to come back for Homecoming,” said Elliott, explaining why yearbooks were given out at Homecoming.

Elliott and junior Rebecca Jennings, the copy and layout editor, both stayed after classes ended last semester to finish laying out the yearbook. Jennings stayed a week after finals, leaving right before graduation, and Elliott stayed until the beginning of June.

“Near the end of May and June, we’d spend ten hours a day working on the yearbook,” Elliott said.

Elliott was a first-year student when she became the editor-in-chief, and she spent most of the 2004 fall semester learning the layout program.

“When I came on staff, I had no knowledge of Macs or the program,” she said.

This semester, the staff spent most of their time making phone calls to try to get the yearbook finished in time for Homecoming. They also had to adjust to major changes. Their advisor, Chad Hunter, left Eastern at the end of last semester, and Bettie Ann Brigham, the Vice President of Student Development, replaced him during the summer. Student Activities Board Director Shannon Hartsock replaced Brigham this fall. The staff also moved their office from Doane D basement to the third floor of Walton Hall.

Compared to previous years, the 2004-2005 yearbook has more pictures and less copy. Elliott hopes to continue this trend and also hopes to make the book bigger, despite a low budget.

“The only way to remember events is to see pictures,” she said.

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