Songza: the new Pandora?

Have you ever caught yourself wanting to listen to music, but you have no clue what you want to hear? Are you planning a jog and you need some motivation to get you through your workout? For those who have not experienced music online without advertisements, you are missing out on Songza! Songza is a music-streaming site that offers a variety of playlists depending on your activity or mood. Unlike Pandora, you can look up random topics like “movie songs,” for example, and get playlists that fall in that category. Depending on the time of day you hop on Songza, it will suggest playlists of songs that are related to the time of day. Songza is making its way to the ‘seat’ Pandora holds, already gaining around 5 million listeners.

The great thing about Songza is that there are no audio advertisements. Instead, they have advertisements that require you to type in a word in order for the ad to go away, but this does not happen as often as it does on other online radios. Songza does offer a premium account for those who just can’t stand commercials; the premium only costs a dollar a week.

Songza is also available for mobile devices, like the Windows 8 phone. For people always on the go, this is a major plus. Critics believe Songza is the best radio streaming system and think that it will continue to grow to be as big as other big streamers such as Pandora and iTunes. As good as Songza sounds, it also has its flaws. For example, a person can’t make their own play lists. They can’t find an individual song or album either. Besides those minor issues, Songza is making its way to number one.



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