Dr. Deborah Winters Wins Illumination Book Award

      Palmer Seminary professor Dr. Deborah Winters recently received the Silver Medal Illumination Book Award in the Biblical Studies category for her recent book “Through Her Eyes: Bible Studies on Women in Scripture.”

      The book has 20 chapters, with each chapter devoted to a specific woman from the Bible. The book offers insight into the stories of these women and analyzes how people can relate to them on a level of personal experience.

      Winters wrote the book with the help of her Women in the Bible class. In an article posted on, Winters states: “The idea for the book started in the Women in the Bible class I teach at Palmer Seminary as students wanted to be able to present what they were learning in class in a Bible study/small group format that they could use in their various churches and ministry settings, hence the birth of ‘Through Her Eyes: Bible Studies on Women in Scripture.’”

      On the Palmer Seminary website, Winters’ biography states, “My approach to teaching is constantly being fine-tuned in the academic setting as well as in pastoral ministry, the mission field and life….I love teaching and preaching from the hard texts of the Bible as I challenge my students to do the research; look at the historical, literary and theological contexts of the Bible as well as the context they have been asked to minister to; and trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit.” The Eastern community congratulates Dr. Winters on creating this amazing book and earning the recognition it deserves.


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