Articles written by: Kelsey Fiander-Carr

Photojournalist Kevin Carter won a Pulitzer Prize for this picture depicting the famine in Sudan in 1993.
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This is Journalism

The Ethics and Standards of Journalism by Hector Davila       For centuries journalism has undergone the test of time, having to endure difficulties, challenges and failures that have shaped the ethics and standards of journalism today. TRUTHFULNESS       There has been a recent rise in fake […]


Opposing Political Parties Clash in Center City, Philadelphia March

     Since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, there have been numerous marches, rallies and demonstrations for and against the new “leader of the free world.” On a global, national and even local scale, people around the world have been voicing their opinions about the new president of the […]


How Should We Define a Sport?

      When asked, “What is sport?” we often go to the natural prototypes of football, basketball or even baseball. However, we are reluctant to answer the question with cheerleading or horseback riding. Why? In our society we tend to think that if it does not involve a ball […]


The Art of Following Your Passions

      I have to say, when I started high school, I was the worst writer on the face of the planet, but I was put into upper-level English because I had “impeccable comprehension of literature.” However, my first-year English teacher absolutely transformed my understanding of writing with one simple […]

Eastern’s new Political Activism Club (PAC) gathers to discuss various controversial issues.

New Political Activism Club Seeks Open Conversation

      Comprised of liberal, conservative and progressive members, new Eastern organization Political Activism Club (PAC) strives to make the campus a place of open conversation for controversial topics.       Enacted by senior Samuel Vaughan in response to the 2016 presidential election, PAC launched in the beginning […]


Dream Big This Summer!

      When summer comes along, many college students in the nation try to take advantage of this time and relax for a few months. Among the standard pastimes we college kids take advantage of, a seldom few have a positive effect on our future careers. We ought to […]


A Weekend Could Last a Lifetime: Reflections on #ExploreEU17

     From Jan. 27 to 29, Eastern University welcomed a group of prospective students to see what college life might be like for them if they choose to attend Eastern in the fall. Prospective weekend was planned by the admissions staff over the course of several months. They reached […]

The Art of New Beginnings: A reflection on second chances

The Art of New Beginnings: A reflection on second chances

     In the wake of the New Year, many young adults are looking forward to a new semester of college, but there are many people who are looking forward to becoming a whole new person. I swore to myself at the start of this new year that I would […]

The Harvard Men’s Soccer team is suspended for sexual harassment against members of the Harvard Women’s Soccer team.

Harvard Men’s Soccer Team Scandal- Addressing Real-life “Locker-room Talk”

     The Harvard Men’s Soccer team has been suspended from participating in the rest of their season due to the leak of a “recruit book” that rated the Harvard Women’s Soccer team on physical appearance. Although this story was originally described as an isolated incident in 2012, reports have […]


Community After the 2016 Election

     In the wake of the recent presidential election, I walked around the hills of Eastern and saw many students who looked sad and shocked. I also saw people who were gleaming in happiness and optimism that their country would undoubtedly become great again. These two reactions were on […]