Articles written by: Eliza Brown


Art Does Not Need Government

      Art is oftentimes misunderstood, and I mean this in a couple of different ways. Art is intimately created and (sometimes) shared graciously and bravely with the world. The scrutinizing eyes of those who observe this art will often “misunderstand” what the artist was aiming for when creating. […]


Micah Skinner Earns First Place in Jonathan Orr Essay Contest

      This past March, Eastern University’s Friends of the Library presented the winner of the annual Jonathan Orr Essay Contest after receiving a record number of entries. This contest honors an Eastern alum named Jonathan Orr, whose family left an endowment to Friends of the Library in honor […]


The Art of Fiction

     Fiction doesn’t necessarily mean that the story is not true. It is made up, sure, but these fictional things still happen; the characters aren’t real, but their stories represent hundreds of untold stories silenced by hundreds of silenced voices. Fiction is honest—oftentimes more honest than we’re willing to […]


The Eastern Radish: A Family Letter

     As many are aware, the holiday season, filled with exuberance and cheer, can be socially overwhelming and, quite frankly, too much to handle for some. An Eastern University student reportedly opted for a more introvert-friendly approach and emailed out this letter to his extended family members instead of […]


Faith Focus: C.S. Lewis on Friendship

     Not too long ago I read C.S. Lewis’s “The Four Loves.” I underlined passages and bracketed entire paragraphs and sticky-noted pages that moved me, paragraphs, passages and pages that were more than just words—they were new ideas and perspectives coming to life and dancing a complex waltz through […]


Presenting “Waiting for Lefty:” Seeking unity amidst political turmoil

I sat down for a conversation with Kathryn Notley, who plays Florrie in Eastern’s upcoming production of “Waiting for Lefty.” Brown: Can you give me a brief summary of the plot of the show? (No spoilers!) Notley: The show takes place in a taxi union meeting, where members are discussing what […]


Where We Stand- The 2016 Presidential Election

     We the editors of The Waltonian would like to offer our thoughts on this 2016 presidential election. Our hope is that this statement, which is of a bipartisan nature, can provide a way forward for we who live in community at Eastern, regardless of who is elected to […]


An Evening of Revival at Conquer the Night

     Sometimes my soul gets dusty. Worship music no longer moves me; prayers are no longer my first resort when something goes awry. Life seems to be getting busier and busier; days are laden with stress; there are emails to be sent and meetings to attend, assignments to complete, […]

Eastern University students and alumni perform selections of music and drama at the Fine Arts Festival.

EU Holds Annual Fine Arts Festival- An enchanting evening

     Oct. 7 marked Eastern’s annual Fine Arts Festival, and it was an evening of celebration for students and alumni alike. Dance major Hannah Brumbach wasted no time kicking the evening off with her own choreographed dance. Claps, stomps, audible breaths and flawless tumbles and twirls were the music […]


EU Theater Welcomes New Faculty

     The Eastern theater program experienced significant heartache last academic year when Jenny Tibbels resigned from her position as theater director. While her time of two years here was brief, Professor Tibbels made her mark on the pages of Eastern’s history. The theater program was far from unchanged by […]