Under Review: Should the NFL continue to crack down on on-field celebrations?

I remember watching football waiting for a player to score a touchdown just to see what kind of dance or celebration they would do afterward. It was always eventful, funny and entertaining. I remember when Chad Johnson scored a touchdown and played golf or when Terrell Owens got the pen out of his sock and signed the football. I loved those celebrations. It added fun to the game and to the league. It is boring now when we see a touchdown. All the players do mostly is hand the ball to the ref. Giving the ball to the ref is the classy celebration.  The issue with the classy celebration is that it is not entertaining. The NFL is a form of entertainment. It is a league, and it is trying to clean up its act, but to what extent? How much can we take out to still make it entertaining to watch? Roger Goodell took out pretty much any hard hitting last season with fines and penalties, and now he is doing the same to these fun and entertaining celebrations. There is nothing wrong with celebration dances. If the other team complains that it is a form of showing off, then they should have stopped them from scoring in the first place. I feel that when a player scores a touchdown they should have the right to celebrate. There is nothing wrong with touchdown celebrations. Football has long been known to be the tough guy sport with hard hits, trash talking, and especially celebrations being a part of that culture. The NFL needs to realize that the fans pay money to see hard hits and entertaining football. They are not paying to see a group of men just “doing their jobs.”  That is boring football. I feel that celebrations should be allowed in the NFL because they add another entertaining aspect to football. They were good enough to score a touchdown they should have the right to celebrate. It is an exciting and emotional moment to make a big play for your team.

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