The Weight Room Struggle

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, but in the winter it gets even harder with less motivation to crawl out of our cozy beds. Even though I’m an athlete and I actually enjoy working out, there are a number of things that deter me from going into Eastern’s fitness facilities. Here are a few of my weight room pet-peeves:


1. Animal noises I understand that you’re working hard and that’s awesome, but seriously? Do you have to scream like that every time you do another rep? Nobody else cares about your 780lb max weight. We’re all just trying to work out and mind our own business, meanwhile it sounds like there’s a lion being whacked by a chainsaw over by the bench press.

2. Not cleaning machines/mats:  I would prefer not to be swimming in a puddle of your sweat while I’m trying to do my ab workout. It’s not that far of a walk to grab the spray bottle and a few paper towels to wipe down whatever you use after you use it. Considering the size of Eastern’s weight room, it’s probably about two steps extra you’ll have to take. Come on people, it’s common courtesy.

3. Herds of men:  Yes, women are also culprits of socializing in the weight room, but generally I have observed men doing this the most. The weight room is small enough as it is without you guys crowding around two machines (which, by the way, are the only two I need to use) and watching each other get sweaty. You’re just making the room more humid. Can you take shifts or something? Use the rec gym, maybe?

4. Looking attractive/reading while working out:  Girls, this one is directed at you. This isn’t a formal occasion, you’re at the gym. The reason that you have on full makeup and your hair is down and curled is beyond me. And how in the world are you reading “People” magazine while you bike/use the treadmill? I know you don’t want to get that new sporty outfit all dirty, but if you don’t look like crap you’re not working out hard enough. Go hard or go home.

5. Dropping weights:  I know you want all the lovely ladies in the gym to see how much iron you’re pumping, but I think there’s a better way of doing it than giving them a mini heart attack every time you’re done a set. And let’s be honest, that landed really close to my head. I’m just trying to do some sit-ups, and I was here first. I don’t want to die today.

To those of you who may identify with some of these, please reevaluate your fitness choices so that we can make using the weight room more enjoyable for everyone. We are all going to have to start working off that Thanksgiving “food baby” sometime.

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