Staying Fit EU Style

Ever wonder how Eastern’s athletes stay in top physical condition even when they are out-of-season?  Looking for some inspiration to work off the Halloween candy?  Studies show that the fall and winter are the times of the year when people gain the most weight, and how could they not be with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas?  Take some health hints from Eastern’s Women’s Basketball sophomore Hannah Day with how she and her teammates like to stay fit throughout the year.

When asked about her pre- and pre-preseason workout regimen, Day laughed as she told me about the binder of workouts that she and the team received before heading to their various summertime destinations.  The team has to do four days of conditioning and three days of lifting and shooting around per week while in preseason mode.  With such an intense workout schedule, it is understandable how someone could want to give up, but not Day.  She said that she is motivated by thinking of everyone else on the team and in the conference.

Everyone knows one of the vital aspects of staying fit is a healthy diet, and Day exclaimed that she does not just eat healthier when in season, but tries to avoid junk food year-round.  She said, “I know plenty of athletes that will just eat whatever because they know they’re just going to work it off, but I try to constantly eat better because I know it’s better for me.”

As a bit of advice for healthy living, Day said, “Eat well and do active things.”  Make sure your body is getting all of the vitamins and minerals that are needed to sustain a body in motion and do active things.  If a location is not too far away, choose to leave the car behind and take a walk with friends instead, go to Zumba or start a workout plan.  This way you can stay fit no matter what season you’re in.

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