NFL Update: AFC Power Shift

AFC EAST: Nothing is different about this division. The Patriots are dominating per usual, and the Dolphins are swimming with the Bills in last place. The Jets, on the other hand, are playing quite impressively. I guess they are lucky to have a backup QB like Ryan Fitzpatrick. But sadly, the Jets could not fend off the Patriots on Oct. 25, resulting in a 30-23 lost. If the Patriots manage to stay undefeated, hopefully they do not face the Giants in the Super Bowl because we all know the Giants are the Patriots’ kryptonite.

AFC NORTH: How are the Cincinnati Bengals undefeated? This division, once dominated by the Steelers and the Ravens, is now being run by the Bengals. They have an All-Pro QB in Andy Dalton, who seems to pick other teams’ defensive lines apart. This season he has thrown 18 touchdowns and a total of 2,226 yards. Dalton has impressively managed to keep the ball out of the opposing defensive hands with only four interceptions. Now let’s talk about the Ravens: Are we even sure these are the Ravens that we’ve always known? They are 2-6 this season and cannot manage to win. But who to blame? Is it Joe Flacco? His stats do not look like typical Flacco stats. He has thrown 10 touchdowns but eight interceptions. He also has been sacked a total of 14 times, which can perhaps be blamed on the offensive line. The Ravens will need a miracle to make it to the playoffs.

AFC SOUTH: The laughing stock of the NFL. Not one team in the AFC South is above .500, and they all are struggling to win. The Colts are playing at their worst ever since Andrew Luck took over the starting role. Luck nearly beat the undefeated Panthers on Nov. 2, but fell short in overtime. The Titans, a team that usually performs well, are in last place and Marcus Mariota is not living up to his potential He had one good game against Winston, the number one draft pick, playing impressively with four touchdowns and 209 passing yards. I think he will find his groove and will in fact be a threat in the south.

AFC WEST: When I think of the Denver Broncos, the first thing that comes to mind is Peyton Manning. However, Manning’s numbers are not impressive, throwing seven touchdowns and 11 interceptions in the Broncos’ first seven games. So how are the Broncos undefeated? Defense. Their defense has been superb. On Nov. 1, they shut down the elite Green Bay Packers, keeping them at only ten points. Rodgers threw for 77 yards and was sacked three times, having no answer to the Broncos’ defense. Overall, the AFC West looks to be competitive this season and might be the division to beat.

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