Men’s Soccer Awaits NCAA Selections

Josh Cirroco celebrates a goal.
Josh Cirroco celebrates a goal. Erica Engle | EU Sports Information
Even though the Eastern Eagles lost on Saturday against King’s College, they still had a very successful season. If the Eagles won on Saturday it would have been their first conference championship since 2007. However, they played extremely well in the heart-breaking double overtime loss against King’s.

The Eagles started this year as the favorites to win the conference championship. If they won their conference they would have been in the NCAA tournament for the first time since, again, 2007. That year, the Eagles went to the second round of the NCAA tournament. However the Eagles still have a shot at making the tournament. The conference championship would just have clinched going to the NCAA tournament. The highlight of the season would have to be the way they played on Wednesday. It is no fluke that the Eagles made it this far this season. Led by head coach Mark Wagner, this group has put up impressive numbers this year. The Eagles have outscored their opponents 45-15.

Eric Giovagnoli led the team in goals, with 14 goals, and has been very impressive leading the team throughout this season. He especially looked impressive Wednesday as he scored two of the team’s three goals. Benjamin Barnhart has also been impressive this season with scoring nine goals. Since 2007 the Eagles have been close to winning the conference championship a number of times but have yet to get over the hump.

This year looked like the year that they would finally get over the hump and become conference champions. However, this team should not hang their heads. They played great this year, and played their hearts out on Saturday. This team should be proud of the way they played this year. Now, fans and players must wait to find out if this team is selected to play in the NCAA tournament.

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