Eastern Exiles: Ultimate frisbee and it’s role at Eastern

In recent years the popularity of the sport ultimate frisbee, frequently referred to as ‘Ultimate’, has grown both nationally, and on the Eastern University campus. Internationally ultimate frisbee has been recognized as a sport, and will likely participate in the 2024 Summer Olympics. On campus, the Eastern Exiles enjoy this sport during weather-permitting fall semester weekdays.

Eastern Exile athlete and first-year student Caitlin Casey describes the sport to be enjoyable not only for its exciting and fast-paced atmosphere, but because of the relationship building necessary to Ultimate. The requires teamwork, decency and fairness from its players. Not only is Ultimate self-refereed by the players in the league, it is also one which uniquely requires team-building. In order for the team to succeed at Ultimate, communication and chemistry is vital. The players must be able to anticipate their teammates movements before they make them, and make up for whatever moves not interpreted ahead of time with quick communication.

Playing ultimate frisbee is a supportive and inclusive environment for Casey. She describes the dynamic of her team as familial, adding that they all have a place in the family: team ‘mom’, ‘dad’, ‘grandma’, etc.. It matters less whether the team wins or loses, but rather that they play well together and have fun.

Another fun part of Ultimate is the almost mandatory team cheers at tournament games and frequently before or after practice. Teams cheer at halftime, and at the conclusion of the game. Often, teams can be found making cheers based on rhymes about the other team’s name, or simply to encourage them and thank them for playing. These cheers sometimes involve a call and response; where one team makes up a cheer and the other team responds with a fun new cheer. This dynamic encourages teams to be gracious and fair to each other during and after the matches. Though sometimes the game can be intense and even rough, players are encouraged to have good sportsmanship with their fellow players.

For people interested in the sport of ultimate frisbee, the Eastern Exiles practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30 to 6:30 on the AUX field behind Kea-Guffin dormitories. They participate in local tournaments, as well as campus-wide tournaments. On November 23rd, Eastern Exiles will be hosting the Freeze Your Socks Off tournament as a finale for the season. This event is open to all Eastern students, as well as the general public. Players will be placed on randomized teams to play against each other for an afternoon of fun.

For more information on the upcoming tournament or practices, email exiles@eastern.edu.

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