Eagles Soar Just Short of Victory: Coming off to slow start, Eagles pulled through to playoffs.

      Fly, Eagles, Fly! On the road to an almost victory, that is. As many Eagles fans know, the team had a disappointing season towards the beginning. After winning the LII Super Bowl, it seemed as if the Eagles under performed for the start of the season. They began the season with the same players as the year before. Therefore, people believed they would improve. Instead, they caught the contagious disease called the Super Bowl Slump.

      After winning a Super Bowl, some teams feel disappointed that their season is not like the champion season as the year before, which results in below average performance. There were many different opinions on why the Eagles were in the Super Bowl Slump. Such as Carson Wentz not playing up to his standard due to his injuries, or was it the loss of confidence and accuracy? Was it because Nick Foles wasn’t playing? Or was it because the teams defense was not as good as last year?

      It looked as if the Eagles had no shot at the playoffs during the middle of the season. Many fans believed the Eagles season was over at that point…until Nick Foles stepped onto the field. As the Eagles were nearing the end of the season, they started performing more like their 2017-2018 season. Entering into the last game played, they were on fire. They miraculously beat the Bears due to the Bears “double doink” missed field goal at the end of the game.

     However, the Saints were the number one seed at this point. The Saints previously beat them in a regular season game. Chances were not the greatest but fans were rooting for another miraculous happenstance as in the last game. The Eagles had a great lead in the beginning of the game, bringing many fans to joy. A 14-0 lead in the first quarter, to be exact. The Saints played their best, improving their defense and not allowing the Eagles to score for the rest of the game.

      The biggest moment of the game was when the Eagles had the ball with the chance to drive down the field and score with some time on clock. It would have allowed very little time for the Saints to score in response. Nick Foles threw a ball to Alshon Jeffery which flew straight through his hands. It wasn’t ruled a drop, but it wasn’t Nick Foles’ fault either. The ball was intercepted by the Saints, which, in the end, concluded the game. As Eagles fans, we had a rather surprising season with many ups and downs. But you never know, we could possibly be Super Bowl LIV champions, right? Let us hope for another miraculous comeback story as before.

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