Do You Even Lift?

Students on Eastern’s campus are without a gym and have to find an alternate source to fill that void. Many students are frustrated, as their only source of working out is being renovated. Senior Lacrosse player, Nabig Sakr, was forced to get a gym membership elsewhere; disappoint she inquired,  “Why was this not done over the summer?” After hearing Sakr’s response, I was sure the lack of a gym was having a bigger impact on Eastern’s fall teams. The response I got was actually surprising.

I spoke to Jonathan Nazon who is currently playing soccer for Eastern. According to Nazon, the soccer team rarely uses the gym during the season. The gym being out-of-service does not affect the team’s practice regimen because they strictly focus on cardio. However, during the spring off-season, he mentions that the team will occasionally use the gym. On the brighter side, EU community, we should have a new gym facility in a couple of months, hopefully by January.

Image courtesy of Josh Velez / The Waltonian

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