Brady vs. Manning: Why Tom Brady is The Best QB in The NFL

During this past decade there has been much discussion on who is the best quarterback in the NFL. Most people’s answer is either Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Both of these quarterbacks are one of the top ten quarterbacks in NFL history.

Both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. Tom Brady has three championships, and Peyton Manning has one. In today’s world people seem to think that Super Bowl victories will decide which quarterback is better. This should not be the case because, football is a team sport. Super Bowls are won by teams with great defense, great offensive, and great special teams.

So which quarter back is better Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? One cannot go wrong with having either of these two future hall of famers on their team. However, take away Tom Brady’s three Super Bowls and he is still better than Peyton Manning.

No quarterback has done more with less the way that Tom Brady has. When looking at both of these quarterbacks careers, it is clear that Peyton Manning has had far superior receivers on his team. Peyton Manning throughout his career has had receivers such as, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, and Dallas Clarke. Tom Brady has gone through most of his career with mediocre receivers on his team. Besides Other than Randy Moss, Tom Brady has never had a great wide receiver on his team. Throughout Tom Brady’s career he has made decent receivers look like Pro Bowl receivers. An example of this would be Wes Welker.

This season is a perfect example of how Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning. Besides Rob Gronkoski, Tom Brady’s receivers have been subpar at best. Yet, Tom Brady is still having himself a great season. When comparing the two statistically they are basically the same with a slight edge going to Peyton Manning. However, If Tom Brady had the receivers that Peyton Manning had throughout his career. Tom Brady’s stats would be superior to Peyton Manning’s.

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