Praise for Wednesday Night Worship

Picture this: A group of college kids congregate in Gough Great Room near midnight, when sleep would probably be the best option for any other night. Yet students still show up at the late hour of 11 pm on Wednesdays to worship the creator that put the stars in the sky and air into our lungs. As sound fills the packed room, the worship team trudges on with their wide variety of songs.  Much adored by all, the ministry began in a Kea-Guffin room with students who needed to step back from the rigors of a typical workweek.

Clint Rosario, a senior at Eastern, and fellow companions, are coming to the end of their undergraduate careers.  There have been a lot of rumors flying around about how the group’s leadership has been progressively changing over the past couple of weeks. The new changes are a breath of fresh air, seeing as there is a feeling of sustenance and youthfulness within the group. They may be undergoing some renovations, but their sound is a staple of my week, and has always given me a reason to put my late-night homework down to praise Christ, our creator.  For the past few years, Eastern has seen the worship team mature together, praise together and grow together.  This emphasis on community is carrying over into the new team of worshippers.  Led by a slew of new faces, the sound is quite familiar with a lot of the regular attendees.  The beauty of this wonderful on-campus ministry is that no matter who leads, there is still a turnout of students that want to truly praise the Lord.  Let’s be honest, though.  If you’re a college student that hasn’t stayed up past 11 o’clock to do homework or hang with friends, then you’re not living the college life. So come to Wednesday Night Worship, and see what the fuss is all about.


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