Importance of Traveling Young

How often does a young person hear the phrase ‘Life is too short, so travel the world!’ Now is the time for students to adventure into unknown territory and experience exhilarating moments. Most students do not have major time-restricting commitments such as full-time job and providing for a family. They are free in a sense to live life without restrictions. College years are ultimately a great time to travel because students are establishing their identity, figuring out their calling and expanding their culture.

Eastern University provides a variety of study abroad programs in Lithuania, Denmark, Spain, etc.  Students experience a new culture and earn college credit at the same time. Another travel opportunity to consider is mission trips, which occur throughout the year. Mission trips allow students to venture to another country and volunteer to help a community of people. Students are thus by other people’s lives while helping these lives. Both types of programs allow students see new sights, learn life lessons or further their education.

Traveling is more than living in a different country and experiencing their culture; it is about coming out of your comfort zone. Whether a person travels in a group or alone he or she is going outside what’s familiar. The possibilities are endless, and anything can happen. The diversity of people a person will meet in a different country might cause him or her to rethink their own perception of life or a particular concept. Just the natural sights in a foreign a place alone can reshape a person’s view of beauty such as viewing exotic flowers or artwork in Spain. The beauty of this exotic artwork might cause the person for look deeper into their life from its beauty.

Traveling young is also the time to try something you always wanted to do or visit a certain place. Picture a particular place while reading this article, go to that place. Money might be a reason for you to hesitate, but do not let the finances put a hold on your traveling experiences. Take the time to travel while it is still available. Yes, while you’re young take an adventure to an exotic place and taste some delicious food.  Create memories that will seem timeless and will always bring a smile to your face when you are reminiscing about the past.

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