Snow Day Struggles

Dear Miss Information, 

The day has come: snow has arrived at Eastern University. Even after watching the forecast for days beforehand, I was underprepared for how it would impact campus. Power outages, lack of heat, classes canceled…it was a mess. But with nothing to do inside but sit and watch the snow fall, I decided to wrangle my friends and take to the hills. So picture this: my friend group of ambitious college students, clad in mismatched winter gear, trudging up the field with butterflies and cold noses. How could this go wrong? 

Armed with nothing but a plastic tote lid and sheer determination, we fearlessly attempt to slide down the snow-covered hills. However, the flimsy lid proves to be more of a snow shovel than a sled, resulting in a series of freezing faceplants and wipeouts. As we looked around, many other college students were facing the same sad struggle. As far as the eye can see (or maybe just mine, I might need glasses) old skateboards, trashbags, tires, and even one air mattress were strewn across KG Hill…along with people in different stages of falling. So, I am writing to you to ask: What is the best possible makeshift sled for a college student? 

Sincerely, Snow Day Struggles

Dear Snow Day Struggles,

It is truly such a shame that I could not be with you during your day of snowy fun. Besides flying down the KG hill, perhaps I could’ve offered this advice in a more timely manner. However, this will have to do. Keep it filed for your next snow day!

Eastern’s infrastructure reliability certainly offers a lot of options for sleds. For example, I’m sure that one of those nearby trashcans has a top that is easily removable. There are a few shaky tables in the Kea-Guffin lobby nearby that you could unscrew (probably without a screwdriver) and disassemble as needed. I’m sure at least one shaky chair nearby that hill could be repurposed into the tool for a perfect slide.

Another option could be a box. It’s a little bit of a walk to your destination, but one of the dumpsters in the parking lot between Walton and Andrews is purely for cardboard boxes. Some of them might even be intact. Who doesn’t love a good cardboard box?

For legal reasons pertaining to my job and scholarships, I should let you know that under no circumstances should you use your slippery, vinyl-covered mattress to go flying down the KG hill. That would not be a good idea whatsoever. Do you get what I’m saying?

Anyway, those are a few ideas to get you started. Hopefully, this reduce reuse recycle mindset has opened your eyes to the sledding possibilities around you. Or maybe you’ve already bought a sled for next time. Either way, you’re prepared to offer many sledding solutions to friends for your next snow day. I wish you the best of luck in your snowy adventures!

Sincerely, Miss Information

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