Room Trouble

Dear Miss Information,

I am a freshman here at Eastern and I am writing to express my roommate concerns. This year, I was pretty close with my roommate. We coordinated our room together, ate together and went out together. Everything was fine until we came back from winter break. We both were single up until this point, but when we came back she started dating someone from our school. Of course, I usually would not have a problem with this kind of thing because I want her to be happy. It just started becoming a problem because he is around all the time. It’s getting to the point where it feels like he is there from when visitation starts to visitation ends and when he isn’t around she isn’t either. It’s like I became invisible when they started dating; she’s never not with him. We don’t walk to class anymore, eat together or go out together anymore. It seems like she dropped all her friends and myself for him. I don’t understand it. I’ve tried talking to her and so have others, but it just seems like she doesn’t care. I don’t even like being in the room anymore because I know there is a large possibility that he will be there, and at this point it’s just awkward. She also stopped asking me if he can come over after the first few weeks of them dating, which makes it really inconvenient to shower and get things done sometimes. I know we only have about one month left of school, but do you have any advice for my situation? 


Distressed in Dorm

Dear Distressed in Dorm,

I’m sorry to hear about your roommate troubles; it seems like everyone is having roommate problems these days. Can’t a girl just find a decent roommate in this economy anymore? It’s getting to be ridiculous.

I don’t know if there’s much either of us can say that will convince your roommate to realize the problems she’s causing. The common saying is that love is blind, but from my experience, love also tends to be hard of hearing as well. However, while there’s not much we can say, you certainly know there’s a lot we can do.

Your friend can’t make girl’s nights anymore because she’s always with her boyfriend? Well, consider him a part of girls’ night. Pull out the nail polish, the face masks, the chick flicks and all. And he’s there when you want to take a shower? Perhaps one of those long showers with the music blasting and a karaoke sing-along will send the message. If all else fails, maybe you can join your roommate when she’s at his dorm and let them both know how intrusive it is to have another person in the room. 

Obviously, I hope that your roommate problems are resolved. I’ve given you some light teasing suggestions to help break the tension and open conversation. However, these suggestions do also double as petty payback should your heart so desire if things don’t go well. But I’m just here to offer helpful advice; it’s up to you whether or not you take it (meaning: I cannot be held legally responsible for anything you do).

With deepest sincerity,

Miss Information

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