Halloween Howls: Some Eastern students shared their favorite Halloween costumes

By: Brian Lines

Halloween is quite different for college students than for children. Most college students aren’t dressing up in costumes and going trick or treating. Many students however will still dress up and go to Halloween parties… any excuse to spend time out with friends. 

That being said, college students don’t usually put as much effort into their costumes as they did as a kid, simply because they don’t really need to. All you need is a simple costume put together by what you have to fit into a Halloween party. But there is something exciting and satisfying about planning and putting together an intentional costume for more than just a party. 

So, rather than ask Eastern students what their costumes are for Halloween this year, this writer decided to ask folks what their favorite Halloween costume was from their childhood and if they are dressing up this year, what they are doing. There were a variety of answers.

Frankie, a freshman here at Eastern University said that their favorite costume from their childhood was “Peas in a pod! I was matching with my baby brother.” Dressing up in pairs or with a group of friends is a great way to feel more comfortable about wearing a costume but also a great way to enjoy the night more with a creative combination of characters. Frankie said that this year they “went as one of the trick-or-treaters from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ to a Halloween party.” The three tricky children from the Tim Burton movie are the source of most of the crisis in the film… this is a wonderful costume idea for three friends!

Ella, a sophomore at Eastern said that their “favorite Halloween costume as a kid was a cowgirl, complete with spurs, chaps and a lasso.” One of the easiest and yet still fun ways to pick a costume is to find a type of character, not necessarily a specific one. Instead of trying to be an exact replica of a character, try putting your own spin and style on a kind of stock character. This also makes it an easier costume to put together. Ella said that “this year I am planning to dress up as a football player with my friends.” Putting on athletic gear is a quick and fun way to create costumes with a team of friends!

In response to what their favorite costume from their childhood was, Cait said: “I’d say my favorite Halloween costume from childhood is probably when I was 6 years old. That year I went as Princess Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty. My dress was sewn specifically for me by my grandmother, my older sister and I made a crown out of heavy-duty cardstock, and my mom let me borrow her wedding jewelry to tie it all together. I truly felt like a princess that year!” 

Then in reply to the second question about Halloween this year, Cait said: “I have a couple outfits I plan to wear this year for Halloween, but on the actual day of Halloween I plan to dress up as the 13th Doctor from the BBC show ‘Doctor Who.’ ” The unique styles worn by the different regenerations of the sci-fi hero are great costume ideas, and Jodie Whittaker’s costume for the 13th Doctor is a fairly simple yet still unique and fun idea!

This writer dressed up as Anakin Skywalker, from “Star Wars” for a Halloween party already, and plans to dress up as Steve Harrington from “Stranger Things” this Halloween. His favorite costume from his childhood was a hobbit from “The Hobbit.” For many, their childhood and current media interests are their inspirations for their Halloween costumes. 

Whatever you do for Halloween this year, it’s always fun to look back at past Halloweens.

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