Theology Panel Discussion: A look into what members of the Eastern community have to say about theology.

      The notion that everyone does theology, no matter their profession, was a theme throughout the theology panel on Wednesday night. The panel was composed of some theology professors as well as other Eastern employees, including Lexi Dunbar, Sarah Todd, and Eric McCloy. These people, who are a Resident Director, Career Development Director, and IT specialist, respectively, had a lot to say about theology, thus demonstrating that a person does not need to have a Ph.D. in theology in order to practice it daily.

      Lexi Dunbar moved the audience with a small monologue about LGBTQ+ students who have tearfully walked into her office, requesting her explanation of Romans 1. Individuals who have entered into conversation with her, convinced of their eternal damnation, have left with assurance of their salvation.

      Sarah Todd noted that students frequently find themselves in her office asking her about God’s plan for their lives. “You guys put so much stock in what we tell you!” Todd said to the student-composed audience, jovially. She recounted that she has even had to ask herself the questions posed to her by students. That, for her, means doing theology.

      Dr. Haney provided the panelists with a literal definition of theology, which is “God talk.” The professor of biology expanded on times when she has discussed the idea of God in her scientifically-led career, noting that conversations about God, or “God talk,” have proven to be abundant in her career.

      The panel ultimately demonstrated to students that theology is everywhere. You are doing theology the minute you begin to talk about God, and these discussions can shape careers and change lives.

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