Security Report from Jim Magee: Director of Safety and Security

9/8/2015: Counterfeit – The Finance Department reported receiving counterfeit money. After investigation, the money turned out to be uncirculated silver certificates, which are legal tender, and are worth more than twice their face value.

9/17/2015: Theft/Scam – A student was contacted by an online job host and sent a check for several thousand dollars. The student was asked to make payments with the proceeds. The student contacted security and the police. The check was discovered to be fraudulent.

8/28/2015: Suspicious Persons – A student reported that several males in the parking lot made rude remarks.

9/4/2015: Accident – A vehicle backed into a parked vehicle. Information was exchanged.

9/9/2015: Alcohol – Radnor Police found an intoxicated student and transported the student to the hospital. RD was advised.

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