Rock the Block: Eastern students volunteer at a neighborhood clean up event in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

      On Saturday April 13, members of Eastern’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity, participated in the organization’s annual “Rock the Block” volunteering event in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

“Rock the Block” is a clean up event headed by Habitat Montgomery and Delaware Counties and it typically has over 200 people volunteer for the event. The organization goes around to different neighborhoods during this time of year and cleans up so that residents can have a safe environment to live in.

The event began with volunteers arriving at the location and became acquainted with one another as they prepared to work together. Upon signing up for the event, volunteers were sectioned off into particular groups that were tasked with either cleaning the streets and alleys, working in the garden or painting houses.

      Eastern students helped cleaned the streets of Chestnut and Walnut with other volunteers. Towards the end of event, the cleaning group had successfully bagged over 50 bags of trash from the streets.

Not only did members from different communities across Pennsylvania come to clean the neighborhoods but the residents participated as well. On one of the blocks of Chestnut street, the Habitat chapter of Montgomery and Delaware County held a block party as a way of celebrating the community and the volunteers for helping make their environment better.

The next “Rock the Block” event will take place Saturday April 27 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. For more information on how you can participate for this event, reach out to Eastern’s Habitat leaders Cionie Lum and Rebecca Kallinkal.

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